Student Services

Have you missed classes due to illness?

University of Aberdeen

Please refer to the Academic Quality Handbook on the University of Aberdeen website.

In summary, if you have a period of absence of less than 6 weekdays, you can provide a self-certification.

Information about missed exams can be found here.

North East Scotland College

Normal absence reporting is expected if students are absent from College,  and students can self-certificate themselves through the MyNESCol app.

Require a note of your vaccinations?

If you need access to your vaccination notes please complete the form.

A Vaccination History form will then be completed by one of our nurses within 28 days. 

Moving house?

It is very important that you keep us up to date with your address and telephone number, so that if we need to contact you, we have the correct details.

Mental Health Support for Students

All the Mental Health resources available can be accessed by students registered with the practice.  For more information about these please see the Mental Health Section of our website.

For institution specific Mental health please visit the links below. 

Univerity of Aberdeen Support and Wellbeing

North East of Scotland College Mental Health and Wellbeing

Robert Gordons Univeristy Support and Advice Services